The 5 Values Your Job Must Provide You As An Employee

Gone are the days when people take on jobs for the sake of having a job to pay their bills. These days not only do the employees know what they want, employers do their best to accommodate the needs of their employees so they can hire and then retain their talented, dynamic, diverse and high performing people, if not, they lose them to competitors who have better offerings in the market place.

As an employee, while you may not be able to get everything you want from your employer, here are some perks or benefits that your job MUST provide you. These are considered the CORE VALUES your job provides YOU!

  1. Strength: Pay, Benefits or Job Stability

    Your job must provide you good pay up to market standard. When negotiating your pay, ensure that you do your research by checking on websites where salaries are compared by industries. I would recommend Glassdoor and Also don’t forget other perks and benefits, for example, tea and coffee all day or launch at work, so you do not have to pay for those. While we can’t truly control the future of works given what is currently going on in our world, your job must give you some sense of job security that you would at least know if you would lose your job to enable you find another. Check my video on HOW TO RECESSION PROOF YOUR CAREER.

  2. Time

    Flexibility or Freedom from Schedules: Your job must provide with some sort of flexibility whereby you can start work at a time that works for and finish at a time that works for you as well. Many organisations have now embraced the flexible working style. So, ensure to ask for flexibility f you need it to be able to balance your work and personal life.

  3. Self-Fulfilment – Intrinsic: Personal Growth, Learning, Contributing to a larger purpose

    Your job must provide you’re the opportunity for growth, continuous learning and development and your job must connect you to a larger purpose. For example, the ability to help raise funds for charity within your organisation. Self-Fulfilment – Extrinsic: Job Title, Prestige & Authority: Your job must also provide you the opportunity to carry the title of the functions you perform. A lot of times, many professionals do jobs beyond their job title. If you have been doing it for a while, you may need to ask for your job title to reflect the job functions you do if this extrinsic factors will make you fulfilled as a person or on your job.

  4. Relationships: Work Culture, Team work, Friendships, Management Opportunities

    Your job must provide you the opportunity for you to work as a part of a team on collaborate with other teams, your job must afford you the opportunity to make friends and your job must afford you’re the opportunity to manage some project or to be promoted to management positions. When you are afforded this opportunities, you grow as a person and continue to feel enabled, energized and engaged at work.

  5. Movement: Movement, Freedom from Repetition

Your job must also afford you the opportunity to be able to move around within your organisation, whether to contribute to a different team, work on a secondment opportunity or to continue to take on more challenges that would prevent you from repeatedly doing the same things which can become monotonous.

With research repeatedly saying MANY PEOPLE, especially millennials are disengaged at work, nobody should work in a job they don’t enjoy. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed – why waste it on a job you don’t enjoy…..and trust me, if you love your job, you would be engaged, be productive, build relationships and grow your career and much more…..

Everybody should do the job they love or let me rephrase that, everybody CAN do the job they love. You just have to find it. If you currently are not happy on your job or are seeking a new opportunity or even career change, please contact me on Career Coaching, it would be my pleasure to walk with you.

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