Gbemi A – HR Executive

“I first reached out to MJ on the 19th of October 2020 based on my husband’s recommendation. He had stumbled upon her IG page months before then. Prior to this day, I had tried applying to different HR roles because I wanted a change in my career. I needed to move from a Customer Service Advisor role to an HR Advisor (Administrator) role. I had worked as a Customer Service Advisor for about 4 years doing the same thing day in day out and I knew it was time to move but I kept receiving “not successful on this occasion” as my response for the roles I applied for. I was not too bothered because I still had my job, and I was just trying to see if I could change my job. I was trying to tread carefully because of the Pandemic and the news of Job losses. Alas, we were then informed at my organization that due to a business decision they were moving my department to Sunderland which was about 4 to 5 hours from where I reside. We were informed that if we did not intend to move to Sunderland, we would have to be made redundant by the end of November. My husband directed me to MJ’s Instagram. I immediately went to her page and quickly read through the reviews and testimonies of client she had worked with. I reached out to her at mid-night and She then rang me the next morning and I explained my ordeal to her. She patiently listened and told me she was happy to help me. MJ coached me on how to prepare for interviews, helped with reviewing my CV to ensure it was top notch. When I had interviews in the morning MJ will also wake up early enough to do some revision with me and always ensure that she sends me some words of encouragement which boosted my confidence. An example of MJ’s words are “Hi, you have worked really hard in preparing for your interview. Now go confidently and demonstrate your experience and skills for this opportunity. You can do this. Be yourself, smile and deliver to your highest capability. Best of Luck. I am cheering you on Lady”. I was successful with my interviews eventually and I got a job as a Recruitment Assistant. This has created the path that I needed to develop into an HR Consultant. Words alone cannot express my gratitude for all you have done. I am truly grateful. Thank you”