Abi A – Internal Medicine Physician

I reached out to MJ to be of service in preparing for a medical interview. Though I knew she had little experience with the medical field, I was desperate as the post was really competitive. She boldly took on the challenge. She read up on my job requirements and responsibilities, most of which were written in medical jargons, making them very technical to lay people. I was impressed with what she was able to make of it. She called me, and made very useful suggestions on how to approach the questions. The manner in which she broke down the “tell me about yourself” question was quite unique, something I will find useful for all my future
interviews. She was down to earth and truly wished me success from the depth of her heart. I was successful in my interview and I am grateful for the assistance she rendered – 2021

A big shoutout to Mojisola, who is doing a great job. Recently, I had a very important interview to attend. I am a Doctor and I had applied for specialty training for 3 years consecutively, without success. I had always worn trousers suits for these. Without being aware of that information, she advised that skirts were better for interviews. I followed her advice to the letter, and to the glory of God, I got the post – 2016