Career Coaching

I have helped 100s of people make changes in their existing careers; find their passion and take their careers to the next level. My career coaching will help you discover what you really want, explore the options and take action without compromising your values. Choose the support you need below:

  • CV Design

    Your CV is a summary of your career journey, experience and skills and it is a document that represents you without you being where decisions are made. With my extensive experience of determining who gets shortlisted to meet the Hiring Manager for the interview, I can help you create the most compelling Recruiter, Hiring Manager and Application Tracking System (ATS) friendly CV to bring you one step closer to landing the job you have always wanted.

  • Professional Profile Design

    Your profile is as good as meeting you in person, so it is best to put your best foot forward at all times. I can help you tell your career story authentically and position you as an expert to be able to land the right opportunity for you

  • Applications & Personal Statements

    Many colleges and organizations use job applications and personal statements to select the best fit for their opportunity. To achieve this, you need to tell your story to demonstrate your career or educational journey, experience and skills as it relates to that opportunity. If you fail this step, you are likely not to proceed to the next stage. I can help you tell your professional story in a compelling and professional manner to bring you one step to your dream college or job

  • Interview Coaching

    You have been getting a run and not closing on your interviews. As a Certified Interviewer and Candidate Selection Coach and my experience of conducting 100s of interviews, let me help you with my most trusted interview formula and technique that would help you think like the Hiring Manager so you can be their choice for that opportunity you have always desired. Download my FREE book – Competency Based Interview Made Easy: Nail Your Interview like a PRO and Get the Job Your Want

  • Career Clarity

    I can help you understand your strengths to thrive at work and outside of work with them. Are you confused on your next best step when it comes to your career? You know you are hungry for change and growth in your career but are not sure where to start? Well, look no further because I can help you gain clarity for your next best move, equip you with the best strategies that would enable you to move in the right direction without compromising your values and the things that matter to you at this stage in your life.

  • Career Change: Transition into a Fulfilling Career

    We spend more than ¾ of our lives at work, we might as well do the job we love. Guess what, at the age of 40 years old (no it wasn’t a mid life crisis), I changed my Career path to help me fulfill my purpose of helping people and I am doing just that everyday in and outside of my professional career. Let me help you figure out what makes you energized and find you a job that would help you do the most meaningful work of your life. This would be the best gift you can ever give yourself. If I can do it, you can do it too, let me help you.

  • Propel Your Career

    Yes, you have a job but you have been in the same spot for a while or you have plateaued your growth potential on your role. I can help you move from where you are to where you truly desire to be so you can continue to grow professionally while being enabled, empowered and energized in the work place and enjoying a fulfilling work life.

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