How to Screenshot on HP Laptop or Desktop Computers

The Print Screen key is typically located along the top row of your keyboard, between F12 and Scroll Lock. You may have to press the Fn key on your laptop in order to use it, as many laptops share key functions. If you don’t have a Print Screen key, you can use the On-Screen Keyboard. Scroll down through the window to make sure that you captured all of the screenshots that you wanted to save. An image of the window will be copied to the clipboard.

  • This is the exact reason one can find PSF files corresponding to each LCU in the Windows 11 UUP Dump.
  • To erase any markings, click the Eraser icon and draw over the line you want to remove.
  • This is the best app ever downloaded on this site (
  • If you want to quickly share the current state of your screen or window without editing, then it’s perfect.

Gogs can be run on several operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows; therefore, it can be one of the best GitLab alternative self-hosted platforms. Gitea also has an open-source version which is based on Go and was launched in October 2016, when some developers forked Gogs, the older self-hosted Git service. In addition, if something goes wrong with your self-hosted GitLab installation, you will likely be the one responsible for fixing it. When it comes to choosing a GitLab alternative, self-hosted options are definitely worth considering.

The desktop app also works just how you’d expect, allowing you to record an area of your screen and optionally add a webcam with your face. There are some simple editing tools in the paid version, and even the free version allows you to crop and add music before uploading. Of course, the process doesn’t end with the screen recording. The quality of the final product can make or break user engagement, so we also considered the post-capture editing features. Many screen recorders allow users to try their trial versions with free 5-10 minutes of screen recording.

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows (7, 8, , and Save and Edit Them

Click REC to begin the process after a short countdown. You can use the Screenshot and Pause buttons during the recording. Krut Computer Recorder — Record video and sound from the screen to a QuickTime movie.

So, these are the best 5 methods to screenshot on Windows 10 PC. There may be a chance that some of mfc140u_dll the users will face issues while taking screenshots on their PC with the suggested keyboard shortcuts because some computers have different architecture. Please tell us your problem here in the comments section below so that we can recommend you the best solution.

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive From ISO Files

If your installation required an external USB flash drive, you must connect the same USB flash drive to your computer to go back. If your computer has less than 128 GB of free hard drive space, you are prompted to connect a USB flash drive to continue with the installation. Use a blank USB flash drive that is 32 GB or larger.

Windows 10 Tip: How To Take Screenshot of Lock Screen and Login Screen

Recording your screen is a handy way to demonstrate anything on your PC. Be it installing a software or doing something with changes in Settings, with screen recording you can help out everyone. We have one of methods helped you record your Windows display. You can, of course, change the default location by clicking on Browse, setting the destination folder and click on OK. Now that everything has been set up, simply click on Start Recording, and your Windows screen recording will begin. OBS is perhaps the best app out there, known for its quality video recordings and streaming capabilities.

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