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No 1 HR-Recruitment Consultant with proven record of helping SMEs exceed their HR needs, in addition to coaching, influencing, and inspiring thousands of career professionals to excel in and outside of the workplace via 1-2-1s, courses, webinars and free resources. With my powerhouse presence, I have spoken in conferences and corporate events, including at Google-Ireland with multiple records of transformed mindset and professional and personal growth. Impeccable Storyteller & Creator of Career Level Up and Pep-talk who shares strategies and life hacks on videos and blogs to empower my audience to create the life you want.

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Seeing people be the very best they can ever be is my passion, it is my reason for being here on earth, so I write books that help people be the best they can be. My books are clearly written, authentic with my faith values, with actionable easy to follow, credible information and guidance.

What My Clients Are Saying About My Work

“I first reached out to MJ on the 19th of October 2020 based on my husband’s recommendation. He had stumbled upon her IG page months before then. Prior to this day, I had tried applying to different HR roles because I wanted a change in my career. I needed to move from a Customer Service Advisor role to an HR Advisor (Administrator) role. I had worked as a Customer Service Advisor for about 4 years doing the same thing day in day out and I knew it was time to move but I kept receiving “not successful on this occasion” as my response for the roles I applied for. I was not too bothered because I still had my job, and I was just trying to see if I could change my job. I was trying to tread carefully because of the Pandemic and the news of Job losses. Alas, we were then informed at my organization that due to a business decision they were moving my department to Sunderland which was about 4 to 5 hours from where I reside. We were informed that if we did not intend to move to Sunderland, we would have to be made redundant by the end of November. My husband directed me to MJ’s Instagram. I immediately went to her page and quickly read through the reviews and testimonies of client she had worked with. I reached out to her at mid-night and She then rang me the next morning and I explained my ordeal to her. She patiently listened and told me she was happy to help me. MJ coached me on how to prepare for interviews, helped with reviewing my CV to ensure it was top notch. When I had interviews in the morning MJ will also wake up early enough to do some revision with me and always ensure that she sends me some words of encouragement which boosted my confidence. An example of MJ’s words are “Hi, you have worked really hard in preparing for your interview. Now go confidently and demonstrate your experience and skills for this opportunity. You can do this. Be yourself, smile and deliver to your highest capability. Best of Luck. I am cheering you on Lady”. I was successful with my interviews eventually and I got a job as a Recruitment Assistant. This has created the path that I needed to develop into an HR Consultant. Words alone cannot express my gratitude for all you have done. I am truly grateful. Thank you”

Gbemi A – HR Executive

I reached out to MJ to be of service in preparing for a medical interview. Though I knew she had little experience with the medical field, I was desperate as the post was really competitive. She boldly took on the challenge. She read up on my job requirements and responsibilities, most of which were written in medical jargons, making them very technical to lay people. I was impressed with what she was able to make of it. She called me, and made very useful suggestions on how to approach the questions. The manner in which she broke down the “tell me about yourself” question was quite unique, something I will find useful for all my future
interviews. She was down to earth and truly wished me success from the depth of her heart. I was successful in my interview and I am grateful for the assistance she rendered – 2021

A big shoutout to Mojisola, who is doing a great job. Recently, I had a very important interview to attend. I am a Doctor and I had applied for specialty training for 3 years consecutively, without success. I had always worn trousers suits for these. Without being aware of that information, she advised that skirts were better for interviews. I followed her advice to the letter, and to the glory of God, I got the post – 2016

Abi A – Internal Medicine Physician

I reached out to MJ for the first time ever online after stumbling on her YouTube video. I was fascinated by her contents and how much hard work she puts into passing her messages across. I didn’t hesitate to drop her a message and to my surprise she replied by the next morning. She reached out to me and took it upon herself to provide me with the best possible assistance for a robust and professional CV. MJ is very thorough and gives undivided yet bespoke attention to each person. She spent hours on zoom getting to know me and ensuring she has every little detail she needed. MJ is very involved, ensuring she follows up with me on a regular. This alone keeps me persistent with my job search. I am more confident with my CV and sure I will get that dream job soon. I strongly recommend MJ’s CV and interview and coaching session. She is exceptional.

MO. A – Healthcare Professional

Good morning MJ. I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I got the HR Generalist Job! Thank you for seeing something in me that I almost couldn’t see anymore. You are one of the hardest working people I know and that is very evident in your continuous learning. I know God will elevate you higher than this”


M.I – HR Generalist

I can’t thank Mojisola enough for all of her time and effort in helping me successfully PROGRESS IN MY CAREER path. Her passion for helping others is truly inspiring. She kindly spent several evenings after her long working days, guiding and supporting me throughout the entire process. Her motivating and encouraging words are what ultimately pushed me to give my all and believe in myself. I will continue to work with MJ on any future endeavours.

Tori C – International Beauty Merchandise Buyer

I will highly recommend MJ’s CV and Interview Coaching Session. I recently secured an amazing Job, with her help. I commend your professionalism, your dedication and passion for what you do spending hours in the evening after work with me on Zoom. MJ went through my CV with me and basically turned it into a better representation of my skills and experience. Before the session, I was under selling myself and my experience was not coming across well, due to my poor CV. I was not getting called for interviews. I cannot thank you enough. I learnt a lot from her and will continue to work with her”


Stella N – Chartered Accountant ACCA

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