5 Non Traditional Ways To Search For A Job

Research has proven that being strategic in your job search helps you get the job faster. The days of seeing a job online, applying and hoping to get the job is gone. Even if you have the strongest academic qualifications, skills and experience, applying to a job and landing it must take intentional efforts on your part. If you have been searching for a job and getting a run, it may just you are not taking the non-traditional ways of searching for a job. Here are a few ways to find a job faster:


Employers are truly keen on finding the best talents for their organisation and one of the ways they do this is by encouraging their current employees to refer people from their own existing network. A lot of times when an employee is a high performer or a cultural fit for an organisation, when they refer a candidate to an employer, that candidate is likely to be invited to an interview. When searching for a job, ensure to look for people who can refer you to the position you are looking to land. Speak to your friends, family and your existing network on your interest in working for their organisation, prepare your CV for the role, prepare to succeed on the interview and give it your best shot. Even when you are not the strongest candidate but are referred to the employer or Hiring Manager by a strong performer or culturally fit employee, you are likely to get the job because employers trust that before an employee refer someone to a job, they know surely that they can deliver on the job.

Networking and Networking Events

Networking, is not just about following anyone on LinkedIn. Networking must be strategic when it comes to connecting with the people who can help you on your job search. You must select carefully the people you network with and pay attention to some of the work they do so you know enough about them. Read their blogs and leave a comment, buy their books or as simple as sharing their post listing some of the things you learnt from their post and then tagging them with it. So pay attention to the people you network with, try grab their attention by doing any of the things mentioned before and then approach them with your intention. Networking is not sending your CV to just anyone asking them to help you land a job – this does not work.

When it comes to networking events, attend strategically events that would help you meet the people in the industry where you want to work, make comments at the events, share ideas, introduce yourself and then connect with these people on the almighty LinkedIn reintroducing yourself. When you do this, you get their attention and they are likely to help you on your journey. This could be as simple as referring you to someone who knows someone.

Internship to Permanent Roles / Temporary to Permanent Roles

Job trend for 2021 predicts that there will be more fixed term contract and temporary roles than permanent positions. I know we all love the perfect jobs with the perfect perks and benefits but when it comes to job search especially in a tough job market, taking on a role that is available could lead you to the role that you have always desired. I recently worked with a candidate who renegotiated a temporary role to a permanent one because they got another offer on the table. They got that permanent offer because they interviewed for the temporary job advert in the first place. When it comes to job search, after the interview, you can negotiate what you want, especially if the employer/ Hiring Manager really wants you. Who knows, you just night get it. So rather than wait for the perfect opportunity, take what is available and this could lead you to the next stage of your career.

Open Day

A lot of us tend to think that open days are for graduates only. No, this is not always the case. Organisations participate in open days to attract diverse talents from entry level to senior positions. When you hear of an open day, a lot of them are happening virtual these days, do your best to attend. You meet people currently working in the organisation and this could the start of a relationship that may lead to a referral for you. Don’t just attend open day to hand in your CV, attend open days to connect, network and introduce yourself to people. Ask the people working in the organisation you want to work with on skills and qualities that would make you be a successful candidate for the role you want in that organisation. Additionally, if you can, ask to take the details of the people you connect with so you can email them later, preferably with your updated CV. In most cases, when a position comes up, they are likely to let you know or even refer you if they connected well with you at the event. So, if you hear of any open day, attend them and connect with as many people as possible.


It takes courage to publish your video on any platform but employers like a person who would be courageous to sell themselves beyond just sending in their CV. If you can, make a short video of yourself talking about your experience, skills, qualifications and the kind of job you are looking for. Edit this to the best of your ability and publish it on your LinkedIn profile and other social media channels. Ask your network to share and who knows, you just might find the right opportunity from there. Be sure that you put your best foot forward in the video, show your personality and be yourself.

Those are some non-traditional ways of landing the right opportunities for you. If you can try all of them and if you are not comfortable to try all, stick to the ones you are comfortable with and give it your best. I must say, when it comes to job search, you must be willing to go above and beyond for yourself till you get the right opportunities for you.

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